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Hamann AG have been supplying IMO Type Approved Hamann sewage treatment plants for over 40 years.  Each marine sewage treatment plant is hand-built to meticulous standards at Hamann headquarters in Hollenstedt, Germany.  Each marine sewage treatment plant must pass an operational factory test prior to delivery.  Hamann have supplied over 7,000 sewage treatment plants to commercial, private and government projects including over 400 defence references.

Black and grey water should be collected inside a common aerated collection tank.  Why aeration?  Because sewage contains biological matter that will decompose and create harmful gases including hydrogen sulphide.  This risk is controlled by aerating the sewage inside of the collection tank.  The aeration system is quite simple.  A compact blower supplies air to membrane tube diffusers installed in the bottom of the collection tank.  A small amount of foam suppressant is added to the collection tank to control the risk of foam production.

The key to Hamann’s success is the treatment process.  Sewage is pumped from the collection tank to the sewage treatment plant using an integrated feed pump.  Sewage is macerated then dosed with a small amount of chemical flocculant.  The sewage is infused with air then clarified inside the floatation tank.  The clarified water is disinfected by UV light prior to discharge.  The sludge is pumped to the dedicated sludge tank.

Why sludge? Because the solids inside the sewage do not dissolve in water.  The solids contain high levels of harmful bacteria.  This is why there are international rules regarding sewage treatment.  The Hamann process removes the solids from the water and retains them on-board.  Sludge production represents only 2.4% of the total throughput therefore the sludge tank can be quite small.

The benefits offered by Hamann sewage treatment plants include:

  • Compact design requiring minimal installation and maintenance space making it the right choice for new and refit projects;
  • A treatment process that does not require filters or membranes;
  • A treatment process that does not require any human contact with sewage;
  • A treatment process that is not affected by toxic chemicals or hydraulic shock loading;
  • Equipment that automatically starts, stops and is self-cleaning;
  • A complete treatment solution including but not limited to level transmitters, grease separators and discharge pumps;
  • Worldwide support via certified sales and service agencies.

Hamann supply a total solution including installation assistance, commissioning, training and through-life support.  Customised maintenance programmes are also available.  

Please contact your local agent or Hamann AG directly for more information and to learn why a Hamann sewage treatment plant is the right choice for your project.

Why Hamann?  Because at Hamann, we understand that there are no small issues with sewage management on-board a ship.  At Hamann, we build it once; we build it right.

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